75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 295ML CLEACE

75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 295ML CLEACE

Bacteria are everywhere in our environment! This product can be used in the scenes of Home, office scene, school and going out. CLEACE 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, containing 75% Alcohol, effectively kills bacteria and prevents viruses, starting from the source!The bacteriostatic rate is as high as 99.99%, which directly eliminates common bacteria such as E.coli, forms a sterilizing protective layer on the skin surface, and effectively inhibits bacteria regeneration.Specially added glycerin essence and moisturizing ingredients, lasting skin care, long-term moisture retention, moisturizing hands.


Product: CLEACE 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Fragrance: Fragrance-free

Main Ingredients: 75% Alcohol

Features: Antibacterial clean hand protection